Acid Related Science Fair Projects

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Acid I.D. | JVC's Science Fair Projects


The formula for an acid has hydrogen as its positive part, such as hydrochloric acid, HCl (H+ and Cl-). An acid indicator is a chemical that changes color when added to an acid. If the indicator is dry, such as litmus paper, the


Damages of Acid Rain | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Acid Rain Damages Vegetation. While acid rain affects all plants, trees often show the first signs of damage. Acid rain affects trees directly when it comes in contact with their leaves and bark (this makes tress vulnerable to


Science Fair Project – How does acid rain affect the cell structure of Spirogyra algae cultures?

So I'm suuuuper excited about this project. I am going to make another video once I start simulating acid rain. By the end of this project most of the algae is going to undergo total destruction. I know, its mean, but I just couldn't resist such an a…


Robert Stryczek Science Fair Project: The "Luvly" Bones

What will happen to a chicken bone when it takes a "4-day bath" in either vinegar, cola, water, milk or water supplemented with Calcium and Vitamin D? Will acidic liquids like Vinegar and Cola damage the bone? Will liquids rich in Calcium and Vitamin…


Amicitia First Annual High School Science Fair

Pictured here, in order of appearance: Aida and Soukayna's Acidic Degradation of Teeth; Masha'al and Hicham's Tuber Rates of Diffusion; Meryem and Nora's Illumination Intensity and Efficiency; Mohamed and Snousi's Creation of Electrochemical Cells fo…




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