Air Compression Science Fair Projects

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[Project] Compressed air engine


Compressed air engine. Hello to all, I just wanted to show a project I was proud of. It isn't quite a robot, but it does incorporate a Basic Stamp 2 and some solenoids! I did this project for my 5th year in high-school. The project was very lose on the subjects, so I decided to build a compressed air engine. ….. Kudos, continue your investigations! Big +Rep! Thanks a lot! Sadly I didn't go to my schoolboard's science fair (a pretty big one). I just completely forgot it existed.


TLC Family "Science Projects for Kids: Air Pressure"


Turn this glass upside down, and the water stays put! Find out why. Caved-in Can Experiment. Call on an invisible force to crush a can with this project. Keep reading for a science project that will show you the power of a little compressed air.


Tennis Ball Cannon Science Fair Project

Using fairly common parts from a local hardware stores, we built a pneumatic tennis ball cannon for my son's science fair project. The variable for the science fair experiment is weighting the tennis balls to find the optimum weight to flight distanc…


Part 2: Fifth Grade 1st Place Science Project Air Car

Air Powered car road test videos. Car will reach 9 mph and will travel almost 1/2 mile in its current configuration.


2012 Science Fair Project: Hydro-Pneumatic Car

This is my 2012 Science Fair project titled 'Hydro-Pneumatics: Going the Distance' I hope you like it & learn something new!



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