Air Pressure Science Fair Projects

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How Gravity Affects Air Pressure | JVC's Science Fair Projects


A column of air above the Earth represents the density of air due to gravity. The column is divided into four section, each with a different shade of blue –graduated from least intense at the top to most intense near the Earth's


What Causes Air Pressure to Change? | JVC's Science Fair Projects


How the density of air affect air pressure. How air pressure affect cloud formation.


Atmospheric Pressure | JVC's Science Fair Projects


air pressure atmospheric pressure barometer density of air gas molecules sea level weight of air. Air pressure is a measurement of combined force of all the gas molecules in air hitting a surface. At sea level, air is denser than


Kaitlin's Science Fair Project.wmv

This is a pumpless fountain that Kaitlin built for her 6th grade science fair project. It works on principles of gravity and air pressure.


Atmospheric Pressure Experiment!

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Tabletop Science–Weather and atmosphere by Lynn Brunelle/NPR .wmv

Learn about atmospheric pressure and do an experiment right in your own kitchen.



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