Animal Science Fair Projects

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Animal Science Fair Project Ideas


Are you ready for science fair season? If you're looking for a science fair project idea, how about trying a project involving a pet or a wild animal. You don't have to "experiment" on the animal. In fact, it's probably better if you

Science Fair Project Ideas in Animal Science Using Insects | Suite101


Animal science is not only fascinating but useful too. Many people don't recognize the strength of spider web, or the use of venom to cure snakebites. Neither do we give much thought to the benefits that insects bestow on

Science Fair Project, Dog matching objects, 6th Grade

This is my son Thomas’ 6th Grade Science Fair Project. He got third place.

What is Animal Cell Mitosis? (Science Fair 2010)

Why not? this years science fair project, won 2nd in it’s catogory at my school!

animal cell project

Structure and function of animal cell. Each organelle in an animal cell consists of their own shape, size, and function. In this animal cell model , or 3D model, you will see how the animal cell works and the organelles specific structure and functio…


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