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Ant science fair project (Natalie, Chicago, USA) – Ant Blog


Ant science fair project (Natalie, Chicago, USA). By AntAsk on October 17, 2012 4:43 PM 0 Comments 0 TrackBacks I have both on my ant farms set up, and 15 ants in each, I just would like some help along the way so i can do a great science fair! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. ********** Dear Natalie, One idea might be to just spend some time watching your ants before starting the experiments to get ideas. – To insure that you are measuring the effect of the ibuprofen,


2 Easy Second Grade Science Projects for Kids |


If your second-grader will soon be participating in a school science fair, you may want to familiarize yourself with a number of easy second grade science projects. workings and role assignments of a typical ant colony. In addition to being a comprehensive project that is easy for children to understand, kids who are visual learners will enjoy seeing the ant colony in action. Great Gift Idea$ 79.95. Me & My Big Ideas Me&My Big Ideas Sheets Cardstock Pad 12"x 12" Neon Craft$ 17.24


Types of Ants | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Ants are insects that live in colonies (groups of the same kind of animals living together). Each colony can contain hundreds or even thousands of ants. There are three basic types of ants: Queens: The “mother” ant that spends



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