Astronomy Science Fair Project Ideas and News

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Science Fair: Levitating Solar System floats on air!

A winning technological development science fair project. Astronomy demonstration showing night and day as a model planet revolves on its axis. The model also demonstrates the length of a ‘year’. more science and technology for home and school at: ww…

Astronomy Simplified (#3): Speed of Light Experiment

You don’t trust others? You don’t have to. Here’s a cool experiment you can do on your own to measure the speed of light. I am going to try and keep this up and do some more fun experiments. If you have ideas, feel free to message me! Please visit ww…

Astronomy Science Fair Projects That Are Out of This Universe

Astronomy Science Fair Projects That Are Out of This Universe Astronomy science fair projects are great for students who are interested in the solar system, stars, planets and the universe. There are so many unexplained

OHIO: Compass | Leaps and light years: Keith Hawkins wastes no


school, Keith Hawkins was researching alongside Ohio University astronomers. Today as a senior astrophysics major in OHIO's Honors Tutorial College, that record of excellence continues, thanks to the support of dedicated faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It started during sophomore year of high school when I qualified for the State Science Fair in Columbus. Every year Ohio University sends a few people to judge the fair. I was judged by

Bok Awards for Astronomy Presented to High-School Students at


Two high school students from Texas and Louisiana are the winners of the 2012 Priscilla and Bart Bok Awards for their astronomy projects presented at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

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