Chemistry Science Fair Projects Ideas and News

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Chalk Chromatography Easy Science Project

It’s easy to separate the pigments in an ink or a dye using nothing more complicated that a piece of chalk and some rubbing alcohol. Draw a line on the chalk, set it in a dish of alcohol and watch the color get carried away and separated by the alcoh…

The Self Inflating Balloon – Simple Science Experiment with Vinegar and Baking Soda(or bi-carb soda)

The vinegar goes in the bottle and the baking soda (or bi-carb soda) goes in the balloon. Securely put the balloon end around the neck of the bottle. Tip the balloon up so the baking soda goes into the vinegar / bottle. The resulting chemical reactio…

What Judges Look for in Science Fair ProjectsChemistry –


Once you find a science fair, you'll want to make the most of your experience. Good grades and prizes are nice, too. I've written about project ideas, but you also need to think about what judges will look for when it comes to

Different Chemistry Science Fair Project Ideas – Health Care Provider


There are plenty of different chemistry science fair project ideas to choose from that will both be interesting to the student and allow them to understand the principles of this science. Obviously, the level of understanding will


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