Chemistry Science Fair Projects

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Different Chemistry Science Fair Project Ideas – Health Care Provider


There are plenty of different chemistry science fair project ideas to choose from that will both be interesting to the student and allow them to understand the principles of this science. Obviously, the level of understanding will

Chemistry is my life: Chemistry science fair projects: Testing


Chemistry science fair projects: Testing materials for UV blocking. Ultraviolet (UV) light is invisible to the human eye, but gets a lot of attention. After all, UV light can cause sunburns, suntans, or skin cancer. It can fog

Science fair project winner for science bound

An experiment I did in the science bound program that my school has, it’s called “Hot Ice” please check it out on you tube, I won the science fair with this.

Water – A Science fair project

Junior year science fair project for chemistry. Please be an A.

HOT ICE (science fair winner)

A couple of my friends and I made hot ice for our school science fair. We used sodium acetate. This project won first place at my schools science fair!!! Materials: Stove Pot A spoon A glass cup and Sodium acetate (you can find it online or in certai…


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