Citrus Science Fair Projects

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Citrus Clock: The Most Stylish Science Fair Project You've Ever Seen


A little bit Scandinavian….and a little bit seventh grade. Do you remember pulling off this amazing feat of electricity at the 'ol science fair? Lemons, electrodes and a light bulb? I do, except it didn't look anywhere near as good


Science Fair Project: Manuela And Sara´s Science Project


We have researched a lot and came to a conclusion that we are interested in three completely different projects for Science Fair 1. -How can a citrus fruit contain so much energy and how much energy do we get from eating a citrus fruit?


Make a Lamp from an Orange in 1 minute.

How to make a simple oil lamp with two standard household items. You will need an orange (fruit) and olive oil. This will enable us to create our own lamp in case of a power outage. No electricity needed and fun to make. We will show you how the stem…


Charging an iPod with a lemon

How to charge your ipod using a lemon, pennies, cardboard, and an old charging cable. This is not a fake, this was a college physics project.


Science Kid~Flaming Orange Peels!

My daughter and I demonstrate how the oils in a citrus peel are flammable. Kids, please do not try this without adult supervision.



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