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insideColby – Computer Science Projects


Last year I took CS151 – the intro computer science class – as sort of a filler class that just happened to fit into my schedule. A year later, I've taken three more CS classes, researched CS over the summer, and am trying to fit

Unique ideas for a computer science project for students? – Stack


I'm starting my 3rd year in a Computer Science degree , and I need to pick a project and develop within the following year. I'm searching for unique ideas for a project , I have some ideas , however I still have my doubts about

UTEP Awarded $525K for ‘Latinas in Computer Science & Engineering’ Project – KDBC

KDBCUTEP Awarded $525K for ‘Latinas in Computer Science & Engineering’ ProjectKDBCEL PASO — A $525 thousand grant will help fund an interdisciplinary research project called Latinas in Computer Science and Engineering: A Qualitative Study Examining I …

SIgn Following Robot – A Computer Science 3rd Year project done by UCSC Students

This is a group project done in the 3rd year of our Computer Science Degree Program in University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). The concept is to automate a vehicle which transport goods inside which uses same path each time (Eg. Human Drive…

Science Project – computer based

Using the legacy parallel port of PC computer to drive indicator LED’s and eventually the HD44780 standard LCD.


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