Cool Science Fair Projects

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Science Fair Project Ideas – Cool Science Projects

Science Fair Project Ideas – Ideas for projects, A Helpful Guide on getting your own Unique Idea, Tips, and more.

Three Tips for Budget Friendly Science Fair Projects *Guest Post*


Today we have a guest post that I'm really excited about! Since my son is very science-minded when I got this guest post in my inbox I was very excited to share it! Moving Beyond Volcanoes and Solar Systems: Three.

What is a Hurricane


Want a REALLY COOL science fair project? Look no further than Mother Nature, who's known to have … read more > · Flash Flood. Australia has been hit by yet another natural disaster as floods swamped parts of the south

Freezing Liquid – Cool Science Fair Project

Check out this and other cool science experiments at 11-year-old scientist Greg Gassen had a great idea for his science fair project. The only problem? He didn’t have access to liquid nitrogen. That’s when he contacted ou…

Slippery Science Fair Projects – Cool Science Experiments

We use it to mix up a great salad dressing or to fix a squeaky door hinge. It’s oil… but not all oils are created equally. Steve Spangler found some young scientists who tested all kinds of oils for their science fair projects and they’re with us t…

HOT ICE (science fair winner)

A couple of my friends and I made hot ice for our school science fair. We used sodium acetate. This project won first place at my schools science fair!!! Materials: Stove Pot A spoon A glass cup and Sodium acetate (you can find it online or in certai…


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