Earth Science Projects and Ideas

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My Wind Turbine Science Experiment.

Need a Science Fair Experiment? Always wanting to try this, here are the results of my experiment. For more on electricity old theories and new ones, visit: for the answers. You can do the same. Note:. I used random parts and tried to keep…

Clouds Make It Rain

This video is the culmination of a series of lessons on the science and local issues of water that I helped to teach in Ms. Kauer’s 5th grade class at East Palo Alto Charter School. We combined short lectures, FOS kit experiments, and a field trip to…

New Cloud In A Bottle Trick!!! (5.9.11)

CLICK DOWN HERE FOR MORE INFO!!! This trick is all about high pressure, low pressure and what happens when you move quickly between the two! How does it work? Clouds are formed when water droplets in the air cool and then collect on dust particles. I…

Earth Science Week and Science Fair Earth Science – OLQM


Earth Science Week takes on an important theme this year as the focus of the school and district Science Fairs this year is. Earth Science. Parents wishing to assist their child in the development of a Science Fair project may

How do I formulate my science fair question? | Earth Science with


Earth Science with Mrs. Wilson Homework: Study for Wednesday's test on rocks; Decide on your science fair question and begin literature review for next Friday. See the Science Fair page for more information to get you


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