Earth Worm Science Fair Projects

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Earthworm: Digestive System | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Question: Do earthworms really eat dirt? Answer: Yes, earthworms eat dirt, but most of the dirt moves through their body and is deposited as waste. The waste of earthworms is called casts. There is much more to the


Easy Earthworm Science Projects For Small Kids


Did you know that earthworm are some of the most important and useful animals? They are very Here are the supplies you will need for your earthworm science project: A large and Great Science Experiments for Kids


Talking Earthworms Experiment – Watch Elizabeth Keller, owner and author of the award winning website perform experiments related to backyard animals. You can get the science kit for this class at and do the same experiments …


Little Wonders' Days: Earthworm Observation Jar


earthworm jar summer ideas for kids. This project is for us to observe them and release them, not to raise them. Educational Links: We just checked out a book about simple nature science experiments. One of them was to


A Tribute to Earthworms for Earth Day 2010.avi

Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski shares some basic information about earthworms and their beneficial contributions to the plant and animal kingdoms. In addition, there is video footage of recent hands-on science classes conducted with preschoolers as they…


Earthworm lab ( educational )

This Earthworm lab is educational for kids ages 7 and up. Teachers and parents recommend this video for any future science fairs or science projects for school.



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