Electricity Science Experiments

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Power: Science Experiments to Teach Kids the Value of Electricity


Try these fun and educational science experiments to teach your kids the importance of electricity and other sources of power.

Schoolgirls create urine-powered generator (Wired UK)


The final stage would be using the hydrogen to power a generator and create electricity. While the idea ... Does a trivial science experiment somehow become any less trivial because teenage girls are involved? News for you ...

Fun Science for Kids – Electricity « Simply Senia


Children are enthralled to conduct science experiments, such as those that demonstrate how electricity works. As long as the materials are safe to handle and activities are performed with adult supervision, experiments can be ...

High Voltage Fun with Science - Experiment in Electromagnetism

I thought you guys might find this interesting. It's just a fun little experiment or demonstration that you can do with household items. It just shows how you can harness the energy left over on your television screen and use it to do work. Thanks fo...

Electric Pickle - Cool Science Experiment

Check out this and other cool science experiments at www.stevespanglerscience.com You've probably seen the "Electric Pickle" trick in a science class... but did you ever stop to think about how cool it is?!? That's right, without the power of one lit...

Bending Water: a fun, at-home science experiment

Explore the world of static electricity and make the water in your faucet bend!


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