Environmental Science Projects Ideas

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Recent events and ideas in environmental science and politics


Call it a first draft of a history of environmental science and politics. 1) Geoengineering: The latest DIY project. Action on global climate change collided with local environmental concerns earlier this year, when word arrived,

Five Sites for Environmental Science Fair Project Ideas | The Tutor


Coming up with a subject for the science fair project (or at least coming up with an interesting one) isn't easy. I entered many science fairs and spent endless hours figuring out what to do. Environmental science was certainly

AP Environmental Science Project

Students of Joliet West were asked if they knew what evironmental sustainability was….this was their response. Video made by Freddie A. Group members include Ariel M, Claire K, Troy P, and Freddie A. Song was “If Everyone Cared” by nickelback.

Environmental Science Project

I worked decently on an Environmental project at school, and decided to upload it. Just wanted some feedback on how the overall structure of the video is. It concerns the prohibition of certain acts that harm the environment and helping the world by …

Environment Projects – Ideas from Schools

Looking of ideas for environmental projects? Here they are. The winners of environment project competition. Enjoy 🙂 The Corporate And School Partnership (CASP) programme seeks shared ownership between the schools and industry partners on environment…


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