Freezing Hot Water Science Fair Projects

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Can Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold Water?


Yes, hot water can freeze faster than cold water. However, it does not always happen, nor has science explained exactly why it can happen. Although Aristotle, Bacon, and Descartes all described hot water freezing faster than


It turns out that hot water does freeze faster than cold! – Jollyblogger


I am most definitly not a scientist of any kind , but I ran across this site when i was researching my 10 yo daughters science fair project which was does hot water freeze faster, and I must say after reading this and wikipedia I


Why Does Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold? — Science


It is the baffling question which has perplexed the world's greatest scientific minds and even eluded great thinkers like Aristotle. But now scientists have become so infuriated about the mystery of why hot water freezes faster


Which freezes faster, hot or cold water. A Science Experiment from Mr. Herbert

Will Hot Water freeze faster than Cold Water? These test experiments were done outside the laboratory and in the real time of -15 degrees below zero. The water must be thrown up, as the cold air easily surrounds the drops and freezes them. This exper…


How To Make Hot Ice

This video shows you how to make Hot Ice! This was originally made for our school science fair project. But we decided to post it to Youtube because it actually shows you how to make Hot Ice. Hot Ice is sodium acetate heated up. Then cooled. To form …


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Junior high science project



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