Generating Electricity By Walking – Google Science Fair 2014

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Did you know that you can produce electricity by just walking? Here’s my documentation of the gizmo that I’ve conceptualize over the years. It’s a shoe insole that generates electricity solely by walking!
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This is my entry for the “2014 Google Science Fair”

The results showed that it was possible to charge a powerbank after playing 2 straight hours of basketball. Though the output was a bit faint but showed signs that the project can be developed.

Reflection/ Future Design:
People’s first impression upon seeing this project was like “Why in the world would I like to charge my phone with a shoe?”. Yes it sounds very ridiculous and impractical, on the contrary the project has opened doors for new designs for technology. The project is ideal for smart clothing, sport apparels that sync to your smart device/phone/watch wirelessly. It can supply an independent power for on-board chips, chips to be mounted on smart shoes/ apparels.

Author/ Editor/ Entrant: Angelo Casimiro
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