I Made McDonalds for the Science Fair w/ Crainer (Camp Minecraft)

Science Projects
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So today in camp Minecraft the gang got together to check each others science fari projects out and got judged by Crainer to see who would win all the diamonds! Nicovald, Bifflewiffle, Sigils, Goldactual, Henwy and I all participated in the Science fair lets see who wins! 😀

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Playing with:
Goldactual: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUQ8eAr5RmozGfWuO7o52A
Nico: http://youtube.com/Nicovald
Biffle: http://youtube.com/BiffleWiffle
Henwy: http://www.youtube.com/henwy
Sigils: http://youtube.com/sigilsplaysgames
Ambrew: http://youtube.com/Ambrew
Crainer: http://youtube.com/Crainer
Ssundee: http://youtube.com/Ssundee

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