Magnet Science Fair Projects

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makes electricity by shaking magnets – Free Science Fair Projects


Project Name. Simplest homemade electrical generator lights a LED or makes electricity by shaking magnets. Experiment Level: Secondary Class. Concept: Induced electromotive force lights a LED. Introduction: Simplest homemade electrical

Magnetism In Grapes – A Science Fair Project for Kids | Blog Scientific


Aim: To prove that water has diamagnetic properties with the help of grapes. Materials Required: 1.Two Grapes- considerably large in size. 2.Straw made of plastic. 3.A metallic container with lid. 4.A drawing pin. 5.A knife or a

Cool Science Fair Project (Magnet Motor)

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Google Science Fair Project Summary Magnetic Motor Experiment

2012 My Science Fair Project Summary This is my experiment which led to re-inventing transportation. By Eashan Kotha

MagLev Train 5th Grade Science Fair Project

Magnetic Levitation Train for science fair project by our 5th Grader


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