My Science Fair Project

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Q: *What*makes*for*a*good*science*
*December*2007**57 Q: *What*makes*for*a*good*science* fair*project? A: Ah, one of my pet peeves. I used to judge a lot of science fairs, but I stopped because I seldom agreed with the evaluations of the other judges. … View Document

Wikipedia:Reference Desk/Archives/Science/2008 October 23 …
He came first out of a couple of hundred projects in his school – got a special award from the science staff (who said it was the best science fair project they'd ever seen!) and it got him a plaque from the company that makes tootsie-pops after someone wrote to them to tell them what the answer was. … Read Article

My Science Fair Project

Prison Rape Isn’t Funny
Post-Sandusky trial jokes and Bradley Cooper's gross new movie remind us that sexual assault is no laughing matter … Read News

My Science Fair Project Pictures

Looking At Art On The IPad
Apps for discovering new art and perusing old favorites … Read News

My Science Fair Project Pictures

my Science Fair Project – YouTube
Aka my rocket car thing going 60-70mph and pics of the crash … View Video

Science Fair Project – How To Keep A Halloween Jack O Lantern …
Science fair projects can be fun and interesting! For example, here is a science fair project that examines various ways of keeping a carved pumpkin fresh. Can you determine the best way to keep a Halloween jack o lantern from rotting? … Read Article

Science – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In the 17th and 18th centuries, the project of modernity, as had been promoted by Bacon and Descartes, led to rapid scientific advance and the successful development of a new type of natural science, mathematical, methodically experimental, and deliberately innovative. … Read Article

Types Of Science Fair Projects – Chemistry – Periodic Table …
There are five main types of science fair projects. It's easier to choose a project idea once you've determined what sort of project interests you. … Read Article