Paper Towel Absorption Science Fair Projects

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Science Project: Paper Towel Water Absorbency Rate | JVC's


But, since it is a good idea to show this notebook with the display of your project, I suggest that you read some of the ideas on this Science Fair Project: Log Book Link. Following are ideas for a paper towel water absorbency


Agglomerated Musings: Paper Towel Absorbancy


Paper Towel Absorbancy. My sister finished her science fair project today. She did the classic "Which paper towel brand best absorbs water?" experiment. There were a number of things she did wrong. Her procedure was basically have a square (27 cm x 27 cm) of each of the three brands and put each Then she kept it in for some amount of time, I'm not sure the exact amount, and removed it, looking at the new level of water to figure out how much was absorbed.


Katie's Science Fair Project

A study in the absorbancy of paper towels


Absorbency of Paper Towels



Paper Towel Project – Eric Kidd

CSHS 9th Grade Science Project 3rd Hour – Eric Kidd



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