Photoelectric Effect Science Fair Projects

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High School Science Fair Projects

Does the angle of the pole change? The photoelectric effect. Did you know that you can start a current in a metal plate just by shining a light on it? It's true! This experiment has endless possibilities. This high school science fair project can be


solar cells for kids | Solar Energy Ideas


Homemade Solar Panels for Kids A Fun Science Fair Project. A great science fair project is to teach your kids how to create a solar cell or solar panel using materials you can buy at a hardware store. Now there are some steps


Physics and Physicists: "Violating" Einstein's Photoelectric Effect


One of the most spectacular theoretical description that Einstein had ever produced is the corpuscular nature of light that he used in his 1905 photoelectric effect paper. In fact, there have been arguments put forth that of all of


Google Global Science Fair 2011 Project Entry – Photovoltaics

This is the video for my entry into the Google Global Science Fair 2011. It is about a project for improvements upon current solar cell technology in order to make them more efficient. GGSF Site:



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