Plant Science Fair Projects

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Fifth Grade Science Fair Projects | Pot Book


Fifth grade science fair projects can be made to know if plants can grow better in a polluted environment so that the people can grow food in polluted environment to save room on the earth. Take two pots. Keep one pot with

Summer Science Fair Project Ideas I: Plant Projects | science-fair


If you know how to do a project AND you know you want to, or need to, do one for next year – why not start one now? It is the perfect time to start a plant-themed science fair project because there will be sufficient time for the

Science Fair Projects on Plants with Aspirin


An interesting science fair project: Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) effects on plants.

PLANT MONSTER Science Fair 2010

HELLO EVERYONE! This is the video I have been talking about! It all happened when I had a science fair project. I wanted to first make a music video but it didn’t work out. So look what came of it! It became even better. (Also) Going to be making a S…

Plant Growth Science Fair Experiment

Jack Callahan’s Science fair project 2008

Google Science Fair : The effect of CO2 saturated irrigation water on plant’s growth and yields

Our experiments demonstrate that dissolving Carbon Dioxide in irrigation water enhances the products quantity of the seedlings, and biomass of grains. The results were consistent with the hypothesis that concludes: 1-CO2 can lower soil pH, which: a-I…


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