Road Salt Science Fair Projects

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Grade 6 Science Fair Project – chemical engineering downloads


The purpose of this science fair project is to explore the effect of road salt placed on snowy and icy roads. The freezing point for water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature water freezes into ice. Road salt is placed on


Alexis Stefano wins HHS Science Fair | | Hopkinton HS


Alexis Stefano stands in front of her 1st prize science fair project entitled "The Effects of Road Salts on L. Perenne and Corrosion of Iron." Photo by Blair Guild. By Blair Guild Alexis Stefano of the class of 2013 won the HHS


Grade 6 Science Fair Project – "Road Salt – Is it the Fastest Way to


We head out into the wilds, face darkness & I ask for feedback on some new ideas 🙂 See below for Links: ————————————— Donations: Livestream: Twitter: Reddit: Texture Pack (Faithful


Why Does Salt Melt Ice?

Collin's 2009 (fourth grade) science fair project. Don't give up – there are bloopers at the end!



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