Science Fair Project about Oil Pollution

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Oil Spill Absorbing Polymer Kit at Steve Spangler Science


It a great Ideam, My 5th grader used it in her science project, about oil spills. She took 2nd place in her science fair at school. You just have to get the measurements exact, To get that Thick Polymer Patty (we called it,Lol) after you extract it from


Press Release Oil Spill Cleanup | Product Samples for School Project


Press Release Oil Spill Cleanup School Project: Supporting a student team by providing absorbents samples and brochures for school's science fair in Quebec, Canada.


Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Blog: Oil Spill? Pass the Mayo!


My science fair project on the Gulf Oil Spill. After covering the Gulf Oil Spill last summer for Scholastic News, I decided to base my 4th grade science project on what I learned. In Louisiana, the Coast Guard took me and my


Oil Absorbing Polymer – Oil Spill Cleanup Powder

Check out this and other cool science experiments at Steve talks about the tragic Louisiana oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and demonstrates a polymer that has the ability to absorb oil. Could this powder be the solution …


An aluminium plate to address oil spills

An aluminum plate attached to the side of a ship reacts with the oxygen in the air and turns to aluminum oxide increasing the viscosity of the oil which gets attracted to the plate. Turning of the plate drains out the oil, which can be reused. A stud…


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