Science Fair Project – Acid Rain

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Damages of Acid Rain | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Acid Rain Damages Vegetation. While acid rain affects all plants, trees often show the first signs of damage. Acid rain affects trees directly when it comes in contact with their leaves and bark (this makes tress vulnerable to

Science Fair Project – How does acid rain affect the cell structure of Spirogyra algae cultures?

So I’m suuuuper excited about this project. I am going to make another video once I start simulating acid rain. By the end of this project most of the algae is going to undergo total destruction. I know, its mean, but I just couldn’t resist such an a…

Science Fair Project (Part 2)

Hi again, I know, it’s been a while, but here you go: the results of my project. I also included some pictures that I took using a microscope and my 6megaoixel camera… I am super sorry for the sound quality, but sore throat+lousy microphone=horribl…

HOW TO DETECT ACID RAIN (Phototchemical Smog & Air Pollution Effects) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

HOW TO DETECT ACID RAIN (Phototchemical Smog & Air Pollution Formation) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT Crazy Chris is checking out he Los Angeles air and shows you how to detect if your city has acid rain right in your own home! Objective: To understand how acid…

The effect of Acid Rain on Life

Science Fair Project


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