Science Fair Project for Fruit Battery Power

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Lemon Battery ProjectScience, Science Projects and How Things

A fruit battery doesn't generate enough power to actually light a bulb, so a meter is needed to see the effect. That's why I believe this is better suited as a 5th grade science project, if done by itself. However, nothing is hard and fast here.


Sahara's Blog – Sahara's Science Fair Project!


Today is the science fair! My project is a fruit battery. You can see how much power is in a citrus fruit. When I was getting judged I felt nervous but now I know that I was not. All my friends thought that my project was really cool!


Power Juicing: 2 Ads Using Oranges to Light the Way | WebEcoist


Two separate ad agencies have developed, more than a year apart, ad campaigns using the natural power of fruit to produce electricity. The ads take the time-honored “lemon batteryscience fair project and turn it into a fun


Lemon-Powered iPod – Fruit batteries – The Naked Scientists


Lemon-Powered iPod – Fruit batteries. There have been various spoof films showing how to charge your ipod using fruit and vegetables. But is it actually possible? Find this out along with how a battery works.


Fruit Battery Science Project

We did a Project using fruits and a copper wire.


Science fair project- Household Batteries

Watch the video to find out how i determined which type of household battery gives the most volts. Lemons, water and vinegar, or potatoes?


Make your own Fruit Cell | PakistanScience Club | , video taken from NISTE ,JICA Pakistan Science Education Experiment Resource.


Build a Lemon Battery! Power a Calculator with Lemons!

Learn how to build a simple battery out of a lemon and common household materials. You'll learn how to measure the voltage of this battery and how to connect them in series to power a calculator with lemons. You'll also learn exactly how this happens…



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