Science Fair Project on Plant Growth

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Science Fair: Why don't strawberries grow during the wintertime


My 6 year old daughter was the inspiration for the PC grow box for her science fair project to figure out why strawberries don't grow during the wintertime. She started by picking a strawberry plant from our garden (snow still on the ground) and


Variables In Your Science Fair Project | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Types of Variables in A Science Fair Project. How the Independent Variable of Light affect the Dependent Variable of Plant Growth. Independent Variable- Amount of Light; Dependent Variable- Plant Growth; Controlled


Summer Science Fair Project Ideas I: Plant Projects – or in the


It is the perfect time to start a plant-themed science fair project because there will be sufficient time for the plants to grow by a measurable amount. Plant projects also automatically earn extra points for effort because they are


Plant Growth Science Fair Experiment

Jack Callahan's Science fair project 2008


Google Science Fair : The effect of CO2 saturated irrigation water on plant's growth and yields

Our experiments demonstrate that dissolving Carbon Dioxide in irrigation water enhances the products quantity of the seedlings, and biomass of grains. The results were consistent with the hypothesis that concludes: 1-CO2 can lower soil pH, which: a-I…


Plant growth at the science fair

St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Jordan, Minn., hosted its science fair April 14.


Part 1 The Effect of Music and Vibration on Plant Growth

This is a Science project done by my daughter. The effect of music on plants but she decided to add another element, Vibration. She planted three groups of six tomato plants. One group sat in silence, One group listened to classical music 24 hours a …



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