Science Fair Projects for 11th Grade

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It's In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair - Discover Magazine Blogs


Daniel Burd, an 11th grader at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, has discovered a way to make plastic bags degrade in as little as three months—a finding that won him first prize at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, a $20,000 scholarship, and a chance to revolutionize a major environmental issue. ... Here's another tale of a blue ribbon project that could have great environmental benefits: Teen's Winning Science Fair Project Could Turn Tire Dumps Into Power Stations.

Topic Ideas for High School Science Fair Projects


It is quite challenging to settle upon a unique topic for your science fair project as there is cutthroat competition among high school students to accomplish the best grades. This write-up has a winning list of topic ideas for high ...

City Academy Science Fair 11/12 grade division winner Alex Andruzzi

11th grader Alex Andruzzi describes his science fair project for a judge

Chemistry-"Flame Tube" Science Fair Project

11th grade Trinity Classical School Student (LB) with his project showing with propane flames how sound waves resonates with music bass. He used his project later in a local science fair and won in his division. 2012 Explanation of project details: T...

Justin Bauldock wins 1st Place at the Coriell Science Fair 2011

Justin Bauldock wins 1st Place in the Microbiology Category at the Coriell Science Fair 2011, 11th grade. His project was titled, "Cycle Time Reduction in a Microbial Fuel Cell for Scale Up Studies.


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