Science Fair Projects for Elementary School

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Waimea Country School Science Fair Open House (Nov. 3) | Hawaii


Guest Scientist Karun Thanjavur, resident astronomer at Canada France Hawaii Telescope, confers with Waimea Country School student Isabella Kilgore about her science fair project. (Photo courtesy of Waimea Country School). MEDIA RELEASE The attitude toward science at Waimea Country School is completely different from what I experienced when I was in elementary school. My students cheer when I announce it is time for science and shake with glee at

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Success Story: Science Fair Projects with Real-World Impact


Students in grades three through six at Wilshire Boulevard Temple's Brawerman Elementary School in Los Angeles all participate in the school's annual science fair. While doing a Science Buddies Project Idea is not a

5 Couponer-geared Science fair projects for Elementary school kiddos


5 Couponer-geared Science fair projects for Elementary school kiddos. 2012-09-09 20:15:25.0. Now that school has begun, I'm sure, homework is beginning to come in as well. Although Science fair season doesn't start for a couple months or

Sam’s Science Fair Project

A few clips from the elementary school science fair.

Hamster in a Maze Science Fair Project

5th grade science fair project to see if you can teach a hamster a maze. This is video of “Wiggles” the hamster’s first go at the maze. The maze was built using poster board glued to foam slabs (base), stiff board (for the walls) and fiberglass mesh …


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