Science Fair Projects for High School Chemistry

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Challenging Science Projects for High School and Middle School: A


This section includes high school science projects to challenge your science students. Magnets, chemical reactions, water testing, plant fertilizer testing, sports science projects and chemistry projects are some of the topics

Crowdsourcing Chemistry | November 12, 2012 Issue – Vol. 90 Issue


In 2010, Carolyn Valdez (right), then an undergraduate at Caltech, explains a solar activity station to Chelsea Newbold, then a 11th grader at Blair High School in Pasadena, Calif. Credit: Jillian Dempsey/Caltech. Bruce Parkinson, a students at some 70 universities and high schools. California Institute of Technology chemist Harry B. Gray, who leads the National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation in Solar Fuels, has adapted the project for outreach.

Free 9th Grade Science and Chemistry Experiments Online Vid chemistry projects for 9th grade,10th grade science projects,11th grade chemistry experiments and 12th grade science projects. Home school chemistry projects.

Moreno Valley High school Chemistry Project

5 ways to speed up a chemical reaction

Green Fire Chemistry Project

Green fire!!! Complete with some homemade smoke bombs. A project for AP Chemistry in El Monte High School. Made by Albert Zheng and Douglas Tang. Dedicated to the beloved Mr. Griffith, chemistry teacher. Songs: After Your Heart by Phil Wickham On Fir…


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