Science Fair Projects for Highschool

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Young scientists tackle abstract problems | Science News for Kids


When Nilesh Tripuraneni set out to make pancakes one morning, he had no idea he'd also wind up with the makings of a first-rate science fair project. But as the high school student sprinkled water on a hot griddle to test its

Challenging Science Projects for High School and Middle School: A


Prepare your middle school or high school students for the science fair with this list of challenging projects. Make this year's science fair a complete success! Projects that capture your students' interest will motivate them to

High School Science Fair Projects

High School Science Fair Projects – Cool high school level science projects and help in making them.

High School Science Fair Project – Unlock Secret of Neurodegenerative Disease

This video was developed in the course of researching possible science fair projects. The video was also used as part of a school project. The video explains the recent discovery of certain neurotrophins in Daphnia, a small water flea. These neurotro…

The Benefits – High School Science Fair Project

An KC Schools informational video that shows the benefits of entering a science fair at the High School Level. Produced by Cris Kendall, Media Producer for Kenton County Schools. Kenton County is Kentucky’s 5th largest school district.


Pensacola High School Science Fair Project “Wind Energy” – For those judges that didn’t think it would work!


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