Science Fair Projects Using Celery

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A Scientific Experiment with Celery and Food Coloring


We actually enjoy doing it so much and with so many different mediums that my daughter made this her Science Fair project. She entered at her school (she is only in Kindergarten, but she takes some 2nd grade courses so she had the option


Celery Experiment – a Great Science Fair Project


This one is a little hard to notice but it is splashed with the blue dye from the veins of the celery. colored celery, celery experiment, science fair project. Only some of our celery still had the leaves at the top so once I noticed that


Capillary Action: Transpiration | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Your Guide to Science Fair Topics, Ideas, Experiments, and Winning Displays Capillary action is due to the cohesion of water molecules with each other and the adhesion This movement is called capillary action, which is one part of the plants transpiration system. Discover for Yourself. 1. Fill a plastic cup about one-fourth full with water. Add about ten drops of red food coloring and stir. 2. Select an inner stalk of celery. You want one that has pale green leaves. 3.


photomom-april: 5th grade science fair


Step 1: Place celery stalks in one cup of water with twelve drops food coloring. Really our family turned in a science fair project this year. He had started out with one project and ended with another thanks to the rain washing it away.


my science experiment with celery and acids

if you need an A on a science experiment here it is.


Julian and Elwen's Celery Experiment




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