Science Fair Projects Using Yeast

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Use Yeast to Blow up a Balloon – Science Fair Projects and Ideas


Science Fair Projects and Ideas Fill up the plastic bottle with one inch of warm water. When you return you'll see that the yeast has reacted with the sugar and produced enough carbon dioxide to inflate the balloon.


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This science fair projects sample demonstrates the production of CO2 gas during fermentation. Mainly you will need fruit juice that has been mixed with some water and some wine yeast. After the yeast has been added to the juice, following all


What do yeast like to eat?

A science experiment for kids that lets them see what foods yeast like best.


Personal Ethanol Fermenter and Distiller

This is a science fair project a friend and I did in high school. We ended up taking this project to the 2008 International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. The machine doesn't look professionally made, but like I said, it's a protot…


fun, easy science experiment… FOAM VOLCANO

In measuring cup -1 dry yeast packet -4 tablespoons hot water In soda bottle -4 ounces (120 ml) 30% hydrogen peroxide (40 volume) -A squirt of dish soap -Food coloring of choice



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