Science Projects for 4th Graders

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Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Vaziripour's 4th Graders | FortWorthZoo


These fourth graders have big plans for science this year. We discussed some of their future science experiments, including additional animal identification studies, learning about and tracking monarch butterfly migration,

Milk and Food Coloring Experiment – Magic Soap Science Experiment!

Using milk and food coloring and soap, Steve has far too much fun with this popular kids science experiment! Watch as the soap hits the milk and food coloring and it explodes into swirling, living colors! As Geoff mans the camera, he injects a couple…

4th Grade Science Fair Projects

A collection of snippets from our Science Project Presentations Mrs. Clark’s and Mr. Bonello’s homerooms

4th and 5th Grade Science Experiments and Science Projects Free 4th and 5th grade science projects and experiments. Homeschool science projects, make a rubber ball, slime, and more. Home school science lessons online.


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