Solar Science Fair Project and Ideas

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Solar Balloon Science Fair Project 5 Giant Balloons

My 7th grade science fair project. 5 large solar balloons: 6 Meter Tetrahedron Balloon, 5.5 Meter Tetrahedron, 5 Meter Tetrahedron, 4.5 Meter Tetrahedron, and a 4 Meter Tetrahedron. Balloons are all constructed out of .07 mil black trash bags and mas…

Making a solar cells from a led light Great for science fair project

How to make a solar cell from a led light, diy solar free energy, and free power great for science fair projects

Tiny house, big impact – Student-built miniature home showcases green technology 13

"It was my hope, along with the input and support of the local school administration and other teachers, to build a training unit that contained new technology like solar, wind, green building techniques, new technologies in building science and ultra-efficient HVAC systems," Tim Strunk, BCTC HVAC instructor and the pr…


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