The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Isn’t a Science Project, But That’s Why It’ll Be So Popular | Tested

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We lived with a Ford F-150 Lightning for a few weeks and threw every piece of test equipment we had at it. Carlos Lago explains the results, including 0-60 mph acceleration, range, charging, towing, storage, and interior comfort and noise.

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00:00 Intro
00:45 How the Lightning is different from other EV pickups
01:40 60 mph and 1/4-mile acceleration vs. Rivian R1T and Ram TRX
03:04 70 mph braking results, brake fade and odor
04:33 Pricing, battery size, and range rating
05:22 Real-world highway range results
06:41 What it’s like towing with the Lightning
07:47 How quickly the Lightning can charge
08:40 The Lightning can charge over EVs, including itself
09:14 Interior comfort, sound test, and functionality
11:06 Front trunk storage space
12:25 Independent rear suspension
13:52 Conclusion

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