Unique Science Fair Projects

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Science fair project sorts recyclables


Science fair project sorts recyclables. November 29, 2012 By Mike Szczys 18 Comments. This crew of high schoolers built a sorting ... place that his comment presumes/implies that it is, and I would thank you to not be condescending. Although this project is not a perfect solution, the thought process it represents is no more or less impressive than if it was that of a kid with similar knowledge in any other country. ..... An Extemely Unique Weather Display · 64 Comments · robot-stroller ...

Shopping Science Fair Projects


Here are some shopping science fair project ideas. You may think shopping and science have little to do with each other, but there is.

Slippery Science Fair Projects - Cool Science Experiments

We use it to mix up a great salad dressing or to fix a squeaky door hinge. It's oil... but not all oils are created equally. Steve Spangler found some young scientists who tested all kinds of oils for their science fair projects and they're with us t...

Biotechnology Science Fair Project Idea: Gel Electrophoresis and Forensic Science

www.sciencebuddies.org In this Biotechnology Project Idea, the Science Buddies Summer Science Fellows demonstrate how to construct your own gel electrophoresis chamber, the technology behind DNA analysis, and use it to compare molecules in different ...


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