viblation Science Fair Project Ideas

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The magical vibrations of sound – Science Fair Projects and Ideas


Oh yes you can. At least you can see the vibrations which are produced by the sound waves. Here are a few simple activities or science projects which will allow you to see sound. You can do these activities around the house.


Sound Craft: Wind Chimes | JVC's Science Fair Projects


Hang the spoon chimes outdoors. Science Project Ideas. 1. What effect does the type of vibrating material have on the sound of wind chimes? Clues: Change only the type of material. Keep other variables, such as shape and


Google Science Fair: Listening to Music through Vibration

Register to compete in the Google Science Fair 2013 at At the age of 14, Jonah Kohn has made great progress in helping the hearing impaired experience music. Through his passion for music, Jonah realized that by utilizing ta…


Science Fair: Winner could be lifesaver

"Developing a Process for Seismo-Acoustic Imaging Applied to Humanitarian Demining," advocates using seismo-acoustics — sound waves and seismic vibrations — to detect mines in dry and wet soil, where other methods are particularly inaccurate. View ar…



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